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Hi, my name is Katy! I'm originally from middle Georgia and currently based in Boston. Thanks so much for visiting the site. Though I've always been a great lover of art, music, and creativity in general, I didn't actually try making jewelry until late 2008. One of my artsiest friends turned sixteen, and because I didn't know what else to get her, I made sixteen pairs of earrings. After that, everything just snowballed very quickly. Soon beads were all over the place, and with them my imagination ran wild.

At first making jewelry was just a fun pastime, an opportunity for artistic growth, and a convenient source of gifts for friends. Within a few months, however, I realized that selling what I made for charity would be far more rewarding and meaningful in the long run. In a whirlwind of excitement, I formally founded Katydid as the business's sole proprietor and then designed and stocked the website to go with it. Other time commitments and attempts to figure out what to do in the future keep me plenty busy nowadays, but I still maintain sole responsibility for marketing, stocking, and selling all my jewelry. The project has taught me SO much about the enriching and enlightening powers of leadership, service, and innovation. So far I've sent around $3,000 to four charities around the world. Every time one of the organizations I support mails out a newsletter, it's so rewarding to think that this site might have contributed to just one small part of it.

Every single supporter makes a difference, and I am incredibly grateful for every step and every person encountered along the way. I try my best to keep up with maintenance and special requests, but please keep in mind that being a college student also tends to mean being constantly busy and sleep-deprived. If you feel worried that I may have overlooked an email or order, just get in touch either by navigating to the Contact Us page or by sending an email to Katydid will always be a top priority for me no matter what, so you can rest assured that I'll be back in touch with you as soon as possible.

Friends and family have always served as some of my biggest inspirations. My family members definitely deserve a special thank you for helping with event set-ups, pinning countless earring holders to display boards, putting up with me even when I spill tiny beads all over the floor, and just generally being there through thick and thin. I would also like to extend a huge thank you to Steve Allen at egg media. He played an instrumental role in helping me figure out the website and get everything up and ready, and without his advice this website might have never become a reality.

Thank you so much for everything!

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